Ozhatz Hat Stretcher

Ozhatz Hat Stretcher

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The Hat stretcher is an ingenious way to look after your hat - every hat wearing family should have one in their kit.

The Ozhatz Hat Stretcher is your solution for achieving a comfortable custom fit for your hats. Designed with a combination of wood and metal, this hat stretcher is a versatile tool that not only ensures your hat maintains its size but also helps prevent shrinkage and absorbs the moisture to preserve the inner leather bands. Here's how to use it effectively:

  • Insertion: Begin by inserting the hat stretcher into your hat. Ensure it's positioned properly and snugly inside the hat.
  • Stretching: Turn the turnbuckle clockwise to initiate the stretching process. This action will gradually expand the hat to your desired size and fit. The turnbuckle allows for precise adjustments, so you can achieve the perfect fit for your hat.
  • Duration: Leave the hat stretcher in your hat overnight or for an extended period, preferably 24-48 hours. The longer the stretcher remains inside, the more effective the stretching process will be. This patience will result in a hat that fits comfortably and custom-tailored to your head shape.
  • Usage: The hat stretcher is incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of hat types, including Akubra hats,Straw hats, Wool hats, Panama hats, Fedora hats, Cowboy hats, and Caps. It works exceptionally well with various natural materials such as leather, fur felt, wool and canvas. Regardless of the hat type or material, this stretcher can help you achieve the ideal fit.

Enjoy a customised fit with ease using this hat stretcher.


S (53 - 57cm)

M (56 - 60cm)

 L (59 - 63cm)



Get a soft tape measure or a long strip of strong paper and place it around your head in the position you wear your hat. The tape should be level, in the centre of your forehead and just above the top of your ears. If the measurement is in between sizes select the next size up; eg. 59.5cm = 60cm.

Hint: Akubra Hats – due to our climate, many Australian’s buy one size bigger and pack (foam sizing insert - supplied by us) behind the sweatband to tighten the hat until it adjusts to the wearer’s head. A hat that is too tight will never feel comfortable.



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