Kwik - Stik Hat Saver

Kwik - Stik Hat Saver

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Tired of the kids squashing your hat in the car or sitting your Akubra on the front dash (a big no no!!) Then the Kwik-Stik Hat Saver is the answer.

  • The Kwik-Stik is suitable for all types of vehicles for the safe storage of hats in the vehicle ensuring you always have a perfect fitting hat.
  • Two strong suction caps hold it fast to glass and gloss surfaces and can be easily removed and transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

·      Ideal for Akubra style hats or work/hard hats.


Directions for use

1.    Moisten the rubber suction cups and press firmly against side or rear glass.

2.    Simply pull down the sprung wire hoop to secure hat.

3.    Wire can be bent slightly to better suit your hat or vehicle.

4.    Detach the device by pulling the small tab on the suction cap.


NOTE: Care should be taken if attaching to the door glass to ensure that the opening door will not damage hat or device.



Get a soft tape measure or a long strip of strong paper and place it around your head in the position you wear your hat. The tape should be level, in the centre of your forehead and just above the top of your ears. If the measurement is in between sizes select the next size up; eg. 59.5cm = 60cm.

Hint: Akubra Hats – due to our climate, many Australian’s buy one size bigger and pack (foam sizing insert - supplied by us) behind the sweatband to tighten the hat until it adjusts to the wearer’s head. A hat that is too tight will never feel comfortable.



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