Akubra Hats


For over a century, Akubra’s fine felt hats have adorned and protected generations of Australians. Akubra started out as a small family operation in Tasmania, and now employs over 90 trades people in Kempsey, NSW, manufacturing thousands of hats each week.

Over the years Akubra has maintained its ability to be in vogue. Our hats have become a vital part of Australia’s identity; worn by soldiers, Olympians, politicians, personalities and of course, loyal, everyday countrymen and women. Akubra produces a wide selection of fur-felt and straw hat styles to suit all people and all occasions, from Western and Country shapes through to casual and formal fashion hats.


Akubra is the only complete fur-felt manufacturer in Australia. From the raw rabbit pelt through to the final hat, each individual hat passes through more than 100 individual processes. Absolute care and attention to detail combined with years of experience enable us to provide the ultimate in quality.


Every Akubra Hat is made from pure rabbit fur felt and depending on the style, the fur-felt of anywhere from 10 to 14 rabbit pelts make an individual hat. Felt is the strongest fabric known because every fibre is interlocked in every direction with a number of other fibres. That’s what makes Akubra Hats so durable.


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